IBD Corporate Social Responsibility
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We at IBD stand firm by our commitment, “Greener Healthier Environment”. The same is being followed in doing our corporate social responsibility.

Construction Workers

Workers are steel nerves of construction industry. To ensure their physical and mental health & safety of the workers, good accommodation is provided at site as also hygienic drainage facility, pure and potable water supply and electricity supply is provided. Also for the safety of children of labours working on site and also with the purpose of educating them, mobile creche is provided at sites. The children are taught poems, alphabets, drawing, craft, making sculpture, paper bags, etc.
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Other than providing mobile creche at all sites for educating children of construction workers, IBD has started with “Free Education” for the children of office employees for whom it might not be possible to facilitate higher technical education to their kids.

Higher education for Ms Arti Tanve, daughter of Mr Mohan Tanve who works in IBD Universal as a worker and technical education of Shubham Meshram son of Mr Chndra Shekhar Meshram who works as a security guard in IBD is sponsored by IBD. Arti Tanve is studying in Class 10th and is also a student of Quantum Classes for Maths and Science. Similarly, Shubham is a student of BE in Technocrats Institute of Technology.

Labour health check up camps is conducted once in 6 months at all the sites along with free medicine distribution. First aid box is available at each site. Ambient air and noise monitoring at every site is done at the interval of six months. Corrective measures are taken if readings are exceeding limits. PUC is checked of every vehicle entering site premises. 
National Activities

We at IBD pay tribute to our nation every year by celebrating ‘Mera Vatan Meri Jaan’ at Indore on Independence Day 15th Aug and ‘Aao Deep Jalaye’ at Bhopal on 26th January.
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Safety Comes First

It is of utmost priority during construction. Emergency preparedness and response plan is effectively working at all sites and offices. Mock drills are conducted for the same. Use of safety equipments is compulsory for each and every person entering the site, whether it is labours, site staff or customers. Safety measures taken at site are as follows:
  • Use of ear plugs
  • Use of mask during flooring work and plastering
  • Barricading area before starting excavation
  • Use of helmets
  • Use of safety belts when working at heights.
  • First aid box is at each site and offices with a stretcher.
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IBD have been taking initiatives towards various aspects of environment, whether it is solid waste management, increasing greenery in city, environment education, water conservation, etc. All the landscaping development and maintenance at Vishram Ghat is done at IBD.
Youth Premier League

IBD has effectively organised a Youth Premier League 2012, a cricket tournament for the youth of Indore.
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Activities At Agra

We at IBD have been organising variour activities in Agra, including a group patriotic dance competition, Holi milan samaroh and Marathon race. We also organised a press conference and various other events on the launch of J & K block of IBD Florence.